i rewatched tres metros sobre el cielo for the 100th time

can you recommend me more spanish films like it?

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    Have you watched the second part? It’s called I want you…and a friend suggested “perdona si te llamo amor”…. Havent...
  2. th3hopelessromantic answered: theres a second part called tengo ganas de ti
  3. bienvenidosanuncajamas answered: Tengo ganas de ti, it is the 2nd part of it
  4. sofraxxa answered: you could watch the sequel of tres metros sobre el cielo, it’s called tengo ganas de ti
  5. mariathegirlwhofangirledarchive answered: you can watch the sequel “tengo ganas de ti” “el sexo de los angeles” is really good too
  6. franco077 answered: i fell in love with 3MSC now i am watching the movie called `EL BARCO` it is tv serial in which mario casas and other characters starred
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